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Our Story

Chaney (Chaneythadirector) and Mikayla (Keeks) met in college and started creating their lives together back in 2011. Chaney studied videography and communications and Mikayla studied hospitality and event management. After undergrad, Chaney worked in the nonprofit sector working in community engagement and Mikayla worked in large life science conferences focusing on event operations. They both went on to study for their master’s degrees, enhancing their business skills.


Being from CT, it was important to them both to dive into the Boston community, learning about the variety of people and cultures within the city. In their free time, they joined the Big Brother Big Sister program, serving as mentors for the youth. Mikayla eventually went on to become a mentor for Year Up, an education program focused on developing job equity. Chaney worked in community engagement around youth development as well as services for our unhoused neighbors.

During the pandemic, they faced challenges that allowed them to re-evaluate what their future looked like and how they could make a greater and more personal impact. Chaney leaned into his skills as a videographer and visual storyteller while Mikayla leaned into her business and operations skills. Together they built CTD Productions.

They built their business with one goal in mind; to utilize visual storytelling as a tool to uplift the stories of many people within the community through beautiful, unique, thought-provoking, high quality, professional videos in every genre and industry. They believe that everyone has a story, and that’s why they wanted to help EVERYONE, especially those who don’t always get to tell their story or point of view. They know that brands have a responsibility to promote and practice racial equity and inclusion. Their knowledge and backgrounds will help spread a larger more informed message overall connecting communities that may not cross each other's paths otherwise.

Get to know our why.

Although his preference is usually to be behind the camera our very own, Chaney Carlson-Bullock gets in front of the camera to discuss the why behind the films. Chaney was a panelist for the Boston Globe's Juneteenth Film Festival as well as the Black History Month Film Festival. He also speaks on his fellowship on the Boston Globe series called, "A Beautiful Resistance." Watch these videos to get to know him a little closer.

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