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More Than Football

Documentary | 37m | 2023

Coach Mick Brunache founded Nxt Era Panthers, a nonprofit football program fostering a supportive community for Boston youth. The documentary highlights Mick's leadership and dedication to mental wellness, challenging stigmas in black and brown communities. While not a mental health professional, Mick serves as a positive role model, teaching kids principles for success in a culturally acceptable way. Using the NIH emotional wellness toolkit, the film demonstrates the program's impact and evidence-based strategies. Local brands like Concepts, Play Program, Open Run Inc, and The Dropout Academy contribute, providing valuable experiences for the kids. The documentary showcases how community, mentorship, and football empower Boston youth to become confident, resilient, and emotionally expressive. It serves as a compelling call to action for those wanting to make a positive impact on the next era in their community.


Mick Brunache, NXT ERA Panthers, & Mattapan Patriots

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Kay Bourne Emerging Filmmaker Award

Boston Globe Today:
Segun and Diti on assignment in Eastie

Web Video | 1m | 2023

Leading up to the premiere of The Boston Globe’s news magazine program, Boston Globe Today, host Segun Oduolowu sought to capture the character of his new city: Boston.
In the short-form video, “Segun and Diti on assignment in Eastie,” cameras follow Segun as he joins The Boston Globe business reporter Diti Kohli on an assignment ride along covering the rapid growth of buy nothing groups in Massachusetts.
The team of Chaney Carlson-Bullock, Mikayla Litevich, and Devin Smith share a glimpse of Greater Boston’s community spirit in this video, as Segun and Diti travel from The Boston Globe newsroom and ride an MBTA train to the streets of East Boston to connect with a generous internet stranger as part of a gift exchange. 


Segun Oduolowu, Diti Kohli

Non-Broadcast | Short Form Web Videos < 3 Minutes | 204. Culture / Lifestyle

Boston Globe Today:
Chris Gasper and Segun at Fenway Park

Web Video | 2m | 2021

Leading up to the premiere of The Boston Globe’s news magazine program, Boston Globe Today, host Segun Oduolowu sought to learn about his new city’s culture, and there was no better place to start than at Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox.
In the short-form video, “Chris Gasper and Segun at Fenway Park,” cameras follow Segun as he visits Fenway Park and is taken on a tour of the grounds, the stands, and the press box by Boston Globe sports columnist Christopher Gasper.
Expertly produced by Devin Smith, Chaney Carlson-Bullock and Mikayla Litevich, the video takes us along for the ride as Segun is introduced to some of the historical Red Sox moments that have marked the City of Boston’s — as well as The Boston Globe’s — greatest moments.


Segun Oduolowu, Chris Gasper

Non-Broadcast | Short Form Web Videos < 3 Minutes | 237. Sports


A Beautiful Resistance
Season II

Video Series | 126m | 2022

"Boston Globe culture columnist Jeneé Osterheldt created A Beautiful Resistance to carry on the tradition of Black artists and Black journalists in reclaiming the truth of Black folk. Like Frederick Douglass taught us, there is power in representation. Too often, we are measured by our suffering. Blackness must not be defined by our brutalization. We are more than death. When we are depicted by our extremes, the truth of us is lost. We live, fully. Our joy, our dreams, our everyday stories? That's a beautiful resistance." - The Boston Globe


Kim Janey, Chef Douglass Williams, Golden, Kinesha Goodson, Tawny Chatmon, Oompa, Mya Pol, Ebony Williams, Big Lux, Chaney Carlson-Bullock, Kat Otuechere, Daymian Mejia

Silver winner: Culture & LifeStyle - Social Video 

Bronze Winner: Series: D&I - Social Video


Honoree Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (Series & Channels)

Excellence in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The lobster trap

Documentary | 5m | 2022

The plentiful catch that brought wealth to fishing families is at risk, as climate change warms the Gulf of Maine. A way of life is on the line, but lobstermen can't, or won't, imagine another.


Walt Day, Margaret Qualey, Beba Rosen


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